Hi, I’m MAGIC!

I’m an 8 year old male Lab Mix. My friends at the rescue tell me I have that certain “it” factor to be the next big thing! I’m outgoing, open minded, love walks, fun play, I’m great with older kids, and most dogs! And shucks, my sweet nature has a way with ladies; I’ve even been known make a chick putty in my paws. Still, this stud needs a great home before I join the ranks of “A”-lister's. Driven to be a success, I’m fast at learning proper behavior and very eager to become your new responsible family member. To maintain my star-quality, I’ll thrive in a home with a family that enjoys an active and social lifestyle! If you’re up for the fun, this upcoming PEOPLE’S “50 Most Beautiful Mutts” is the one for you! Plus, I might let you head up my fan page! Hollywood is calling, so hurry up so we can take over Tinsel Town together.


Hi, I’m Durango! I’m a 5 yr old male, Pitt Bull Terrier. The rescue just informed me that they are in talks with ABC TV of naming me the next “Bachelor” due to my irresistible personality, my ability to follow through with commands, and my addictive slobbery kisses. I’m seeking the love of forever family, and I’m willing to shake and sit on command while adorably, holding each human constenstant's rose in my mouth. So don't let all his braun fool you: I’m big love bug that that adores the simple things in life: long structured walks, dirty tennis balls, and endless terms of endearment! Not necessarily in that order. Will you get my final rose after the 25 hopefuls they enlist for me?

Hi, I'm YUMMY!

I’m a 6 yr old female Pitbull Terrier Mix. I know...I absolutely take your breath away, you have never seen such perfect bone structure, and my markings are divine! Yet there is so much more to me! An independent thinker, I’m fiercely loyal, and with my high intellect, I like to solve every smell. I’m responsible with my surrounding, keep it neat and tidy, and I pride myself on my lady like manners on leash. So my strides both on and off leash are just a breeze. By the way, with my sophisticated palette, you can get me to do just about anything for a treat!


I'm a 7 year old male Pitbull Terrier. Looking for a big friendly giant? Well your search stops here! Not only do my sleek brindle coat, my majestic carriage and appearance turn heads, my looks alone qualify me as the “Apollo of dogs!” Equally so, I'm good-natured, and love getting attention. Yup, I can be a submissive softy to. And yet, my awesomeness doesn’t end there: I’ve quickly become responsive to sit, down, stay, and heal walking. And although I still do my best when given food lures to motivate me, the little training I’ve had has polished up my manners in my kennel, on walks, and when meeting new people. Nevertheless, I’ll need a strong and active owner who is experienced with handling powerful dogs. Throw in a yard to play in and I’m eternally yours!

Hi, I'm OREO!

I’m a 5 yr old, male Pitbull Terrier Mix. Most who know me will tell you I’m a genuinely kind and doting companion. How many can really say that pure sweetness actually fills up their entire character? Luckily for you that means I will be loyal to you, always remaining positive and supportive. My relaxed learning threshold requires consistency and patience, so if you are patient, I will reward you in kind. When all's said and done, my own adoration for humans is without limits: I don’t care what you look like, or what kind of leash you walk me on, I will wholeheartedly love you for who you are! This underdog is just hoping to find that same kind unconditional love in an open minded home.

Hi, my name is DAVE!

I’m a 7 yr old male, Boxer Mix. I’m just going to lay it out all out there and tell you I’m an extraordinary pup! My agility, stamina, fast sprints, and quick fetch for any ball are getting the attention of the Olympic committee. But I’m going to keep it real and keep my options open. Plus, I know how to turn on the charm for the ladies: I walk like a gentleman keeping a sharp eye on protecting the gals. I can hang with the fella's too. The truth is, I’m cool guy, and despite my amazing abilities, I’m just another full of life pup looking for a place I can call home. At the end of the day, I can be easy: in an adult only home, love me, run me, and provide me with ample amounts of balls to chew all day long, I’ll have your back forever!

Hi, I'm LUNA!

I’m a 6yrs young female German Shepherd mix. I’m the kind of girl that everyone needs around: quiet, docile, and the perfect amount of energy at all times! I’m a sweet and charming, and I don’t need much to maintain my smile. I don’t bark a lot, I’m not walking marathons. Yep, I’m that stress-free! I love to play, and I’m up for a good game of fetch. What I do is maintain a level of optimism and gentleness that fills any dog or person up with joy. Ultimately, a home, a warm bed, a bit of regular exercise, and perhaps even another k9 buddy, and I’m set.


I’m a 8 year old female, Pitbull Terrier Mix. The votes are in and this engaging - if I do say so myself - beauty queen contestant has bagged miss congeniality! Not that there was any doubt ‘cause c’mon, I’m irresistible, and my charisma has earned a plethora of likes on my social media! If that wasn’t special enough, my delightful and confident strut on a walks is the talk of the kennel. Plus, my sweet nature keeps me modest; I’m sociable with other dogs and very open minded to any type of game. As long as it’s you and me, and a home to call our own, every day I’m a winner!

Hi, I'm SALLY!

I’m an 4 year old female Pitbull Terrier Mix. I‘m what you might call a delicate warrior princess! I may look massive, but you wouldn’t think I’m a bully breed because I’m so sweet, affectionate, and dare I say, coy?! There goes my Pit Bull status; someone in my breed must’ve been passing! What it all comes down to is that I’d much rather cuddle with you (preferably under a warm down blanket in front of a great Netflix marathon) instead of flexing my muscle to rest of the mutts on the block! And, I walk with manners, and I’m agreeable to correction. Not to mention, I am very easy on the eyes. Really, what more can you ask for in a dog?

Hi, I'm RUSS!

I’m a 5 yr. old male, American Bulldog Mix. If a glutton is a pup that enjoys the pleasures in life, and always ends every bark with a smile, guilty as charged! Sure, in theory it's good practice to have discipline and eat in moderation, beckon for affection with tact, or even limit enthusiasm for play to maintain decorum. But I keep it honest: live each moment, and seize the day! That includes accepting every treat that comes my way, always being available for endless hugs and kisses, and demonstrating excitement for each walk like it was the first time out in the world. Life is short, when opportunity knocks, throw away the self-judgment, devour the things that make you feel good, and consider a optimistic friend like me to join your home! 

Hi, I'm HONEY!

I’m a 6 yr. old female Sharpei Mix! With a ton of lobbying from my fellow rescue mates, the shelter has decided to support my campaign for city council member. My motto is “more resources, more homes for pets!” My platform? All pets deserve a second chance! Why do I lobby so hard? As a very sweet and adoring pup, I found myself close to being put down at a country shelter due to their lack of space and resources. EZ Heart & Soul Rescue quickly rescued me and welcomed me into their sanctuary. Now I have the opportunity to not only be adopted, but to live a happy, healthy, and normal life! I believe every animal deserves this chance, and as a city council member, I will make sure the funds are available to not only continue this stellar demonstration of human decency, but that we are able to take animal care, and adoptions efforts to the next level. By doing so, we increase the possibility for adoptions for each animal, regardless of their circumstances!  In a new home, I believe I can see my agenda realized, while l bringing a unique point of view to my family. Do I have your vote?

Hi, I'm CASEY!

I’m a 7 yr old male, Pitbull Terrier Mix. It’s finally cooling down, and we all know what that means: the fall/winter dance season! Here at the rescue we are all a buzz about who is wearing what, and who asked who! I got my eye on the prize as I'm racking up the votes for dance king! I don't want to say I have it in the bag, but you don't get these big paws for nothin'! I hit the gym hard, and a Casanova in the making, I refine my appeal with the ladies by being available for petting, while extending an open paw for a shake, or hug, not necessary in that order. Now, it should be mentioned that I am no push over, and there is no brown nosing to be had from me. I have dignity, I’m confident, and I believe chemistry has a lot to do with forming any relationship. So, to put it politely, not everyone is for me! I can be choosey about who I want to hang with, but once we are pals, and we form our own social circle, there no end to my popularity. And, while I will admit, I want your vote, let’s first meet and see if we are a good fit. If we are, I'll settle for a forever date instead. I'll bring the boutonniere/corsage, you bring the limo to "our" loving home!

Hi, my name is MARSHMALLOW!

I’m a 5 yr. old female, Pitbull Terrier.  Born on streets of LA County, I began as homeless puppy.  Nevertheless, my friends at EZ Heart & Soul Rescue saw the potential in me, and rescued me for being put down at a local shelter due to my excited nature.  I’ll confess, as a young pup, my manners needed some refinement:  although I love walks, I'm a strong girl and I can be reactive to passing dogs.  Nevertheless, my teenage years are long gone, and with the behavior training I have since had, these days I pretty much enjoy just keeping it mellow, always looking forward to the next treat.  Still, the truth is, I love my adult humans…in fact, I prefer them.  I can be a diva around other dogs, and lets face it, who likes drama?!  So I'd really be best in a home where I'm the sole pup in the limelight, and my owner has experience with large dogs.  Plus, I do require structure and plenty of exercise to keep me balanced, and responsible.  Needless to say, with me, you won't need more paws than these!  I’m great to hang out with, love to play, can be a total love bug, and I’m awesome friend!