Hello, we're GRACIE & CANDY!

We are Gracie (12 yr old Shepherd Mix) & Candy (7 yr old female Dachshund Mix), two bosom buddies that are bonded pals! I’m Gracie, a beautiful, young at heart, affectionate, and consider everyone a friend. And, to know my bestie Candy, is to love her. She’s a keen listener, gentle with her affection, and doesn’t sweat the small stuff as she is quiet as can be. Together we are a laid back duo that are perfect companions to a long peaceful stroll, or absolute lap dogs for those times you want to stay in, and call home the best date ever! All in all, we get along with people and dogs alike. Throw in some extra belly rubs, and we are yours for life! So if you are looking for more fun, we are a package deal to round out your family!