Hi, my name is RUSS

Iā€™m a 5 yr. old male, American Bulldog Mix. If a glutton is a pup that enjoys the pleasures in life, and always ends every bark with a smile, guilty as charged! Sure, in theory it's good practice to have discipline and eat in moderation, beckon for affection with tact, or even limit enthusiasm for play to maintain decorum. But I keep it honest: live each moment, and seize the day! That includes accepting every treat that comes my way, always being available for endless hugs and kisses, and demonstrating excitement for each walk like it was the first time out in the world. Life is short, when opportunity knocks, throw away the self-judgment, devour the things that make you feel good, and consider a optimistic friend like me to join your home! 

Russ Facts: 

Good with other dogs: Some

Good with cats: Pass

Good with kids: Big kids

Treats & Toys: Bring 'em on

Leash skills:  Good

Medical History: Healthy adult dog