Hi, my name is NOBLE!

I’m an 8 yr old male Pitbull Terrier. I’m like a good bottle of red wine: I’m smooth, sweet, a comfort, and only get better with age. What I lack in youth, I have in abundance in heart, soul, and wisdom. I’m a great listener, and would prefer to sit beside you and keep you company. Not one to turn away walks, I’ll take the time to enjoy and revel in each step, so the trip may not earn distance, but it will be rich with quality! If you are seeking a confident, and seasoned pup with perfect manners, and an endless amount of love to give, look no further than this regal, and even more humble Noble!

Hi, my name is CINNAMON!

I’m a 14 year old, female,  Sharpei mix. You guessed it, they coined the term “Super Model” for me! Back in my day, I modeled for the best of them: Pedigree, Alpo, Natural Balance, and I strut runways in Mutt Milan and Paris Fashion week, to name a few. These days, I’ve retired my traveling, and only agree to VIP booking like the rescue’s exclusive holiday photo shoots. Last year I even modeled with a sleigh in toe. Still, this ageless beauty has slowed down. Now I still love my treats, and I’ll never turn away a lovely walk, but, I’m perfectly happy laying back in a nice grassy yard by day, and enjoy ending the day relaxing to a good bowl of water with a laid back human. In the end, I’m always up to give you my best profile for the perfect picture, a peaceful forever home would be my very best shot, paws down!

Hi, my name is KINO!

I'm 9 years young, male, Rottweiler.  Firstly, being older and wiser, I like to keep it modest.  Yes, despite my years, I maintain a large dark handsome physique.  Yes, I've been told too many times that my looks are devastatingly gorgeous.  Yes, I have an outstanding charisma that appeals to just about any person.  Keeping it humble, I'm not one to brag, of, course.  I'm a patient listener, especially when you are in need of a non-judgmental ear.  And, my smile brightens up any mood, or dark day.  I'm just an all around cool guy that is very easy to get along with.  Plus, I'm not trying to flex for the ladies anymore, so I don't require a ton of exercise.  In fact, I prefer relaxing to being over active.  Give me a low key family, a big warm bed, plenty of treats, and I'm perfectly content just holding down the fort we call home.