Keeping Your Dog Cool On Hot Summer Days

We all know it's tough to want to exert yourself, let alone stay comfortable during those hot summer days!  Nevertheless, your dog's exercise is non-negotiable. So here are some tips to keep your pups cool during activity, while still enjoying some fun in the sun!

1.  The sun is at its most intense during the midday to afternoon hours.  Walk your dog in the morning or evening where temperatures are cooler.

2. If your schedule does not permit early or late walks, limit your dogs walks to half the time, take it slow, and keep to the shade.  

3.  Consider purchasing booties sold at most pet stores that will protect you dogs feet from the heat.  These booties can also be used during the winter to project your dogs paws from the cold.

4.  Your pup's skin is also sensitive to UV rays, so protect them from burning by using sunscreen.  Search for specific formulas suited for dogs, and ask your veterinarian for recommendations. 

5.  Keep your dog hydrated!  Carry bottles of water during walks, have bowls of water in and round play areas, in your yard, and in his or her crate.  Consider adding ice to the water on those especially hot days.  

6. Use the hot weather as an excuse to bathe your dogs more often, or even take a swim.  Swimming is a good source of exercise, and if you join your dog in the dip, it can be a great bonding experience.

7.  Consider purchasing kiddie pools for your yard for your pup to play in and stay cool!

8.  Be sure to provide plenty of shade in your yard if your dog spends most of his or her time outdoors

9.  Look for signs of dehydration.  Dogs do not sweat, so keep an eye out for panting, excessive drooling, or your dog becoming lethargic.  Your dog may appear pale, eyes may be blood shot, and if you pull his/her skin back, it may have a slow bounce back.   If you observe any of these symptoms, take your dog out of the heat, cool your dog with wet towels, and call your veterinarian immediately. 

10. NEVER leave your dog in a parked car, NOT even if the car is running with the AC on!  Even with the windows rolled down, temperatures can rise to deadly degrees, and your dog may become panicked, pant more, causing him or her to dehydrate more quickly.  Plus, leaving your dog in a parked car is illegal in most cities.

Keeping your dog cool, means keeping your dog safe and even happier!  Happy Summer!