Hi, my name is LUNITA!

I’m a 9 yrs young female German Shepherd Mix. What I lack in youth, I gain in maturity and wisdom: I have a soft and gentle temperament towards people and other dogs and I like to take my time savoring every moment whether it be enjoying the warmth of the sun on a brisk walk, or the soft touch from a loving human. Now my lupus requires medical management, and sometimes it has me wanting to just lay low for the day. But hey, life is too short live fast! Ultimately, I’ll never turn down a good piece of a soft treat, or nice bath & brushing. Plus I’m a lucky lady as my friends at the rescue use your generous donations towards their commitment in giving me all sorts of love, a warm bed, and nutrient rich diet, and a safe and peaceful place to live out the rest of my days happy as can be! 

Hi, my name is PAPA BEAR!

I’m a 12 yr old, male, Chow Mix. My journey began long ago in a home with a family to call my own. Still, as we age, our personalities, humane and k9 alike, evolve. Even though I’m still a spunky old man with strong opinion, (don’t get me started on the elections of 2016, or even the need to conserve water in California) my mind has now started to linger at times to a place called dementia. Dementia as it turns out, usually lends to unhappy and permanent end for seasoned political pups like me. Nevertheless, the folks at EZ Heart & Soul Rescue still value this old man’s insight on the polls, even though my moments of being lucid may be inconsistent. Luckily for me, my point of view is so valued, I’m still set to lead the rallies encouraging everyone to vote in the next elections. Besides, everyone has rights, and thereby, every soul deserves to be protected. You’ll excuse me while I enjoy the rest of my days in safety at EZ Heart and Soul Rescue’s Sanctuary.