Hi, my name is LUNITA!

I’m a 9 yrs young female German Shepherd Mix. What I lack in youth, I gain in maturity and wisdom: I have a soft and gentle temperament towards people and other dogs and I like to take my time savoring every moment whether it be enjoying the warmth of the sun on a brisk walk, or the soft touch from a loving human. Now my lupus requires medical management, and sometimes it has me wanting to just lay low for the day. But hey, life is too short live fast! Ultimately, I’ll never turn down a good piece of a soft treat, or nice bath & brushing. Plus I’m a lucky lady as my friends at the rescue use your generous donations towards their commitment in giving me all sorts of love, a warm bed, and nutrient rich diet, and a safe and peaceful place to live out the rest of my days happy as can be! 

Hi, my name is ARLO!

I’m a 6 yr old Male, Boxer mix. My hearing impairment may leave me 1 sense behind, but I have an excellent sniff to find my way into a heart and soul. And, let's face it...that's all the guide anyone needs! So, if you are looking for a pup that is all about love and can keep up with any kind of play, I’ll will be best in a home that is committed to learning "my language" as I am deaf. With proper training, patience, an encouraging touch, and positive reinforcement I will your great life-long friend. And, if you don’t have room at your table for me today, I’m always lookin’ for a good sponsor to continue my behavior training with professionals who specialize in hearing impaired pups like me!

Hi, my name is CARLITOS!

I’m a 4 year Old, Pitbull Terrier Mix. OMG, I am thrilled to be leading the pack as the expert sniffer in hopes of becoming the rescues very own pet detective! As a puppy, I began to lose my eyesight, and so I developed an innate sense of taste, my tracking is nothing short of impressive, and my hearing can detect objects with such precision, I have been known to catch a ball without seeing it coming. And, my gregarious natures makes for great company on walks, over a great movie, or even a dunk in the pool. So while I may not see so well with my eyes, I see you with my heart, and I’ll map out our home quickly. Plus, I’m young and smart enough for more training, which your sponsorship will help facilitate, but for now, I’m still able to get to the bottom of just about any case!

Hi, my name is NINJA!

I’m a 5 year old sweet & playful female Pit Bull. Now I know what you’re thinking: “this girl has issues!” Yes, as a resident of L.A. County, allergy season comes 365 days of the year for me. Plus, I love my meals and I’m particular about people invading my space, or getting interrupted during meal or treat time. So my friends at EZ Heart & Soul have invested the time and your generous donations to help me manage my food aggression issues. And boy do we have the system down pat! So much so that the only real stand out these days is my one eye, but it only takes the one to see and fall madly in love with you. With management, and an open mind to my unique beauty (think a Picasso or Dali masterpiece), and my food issues, I’m no different than any other pooch. The great news is, I’m a sweet girl who is just a breeze to walk. I can’t get enough play with toys and I enjoy sharing them. At the end of it all, I love to curl up in a ball in a very welcoming lap and call it a day. So why not consider a pup whose own uniqueness and fashion forward thinking is built in, like a one eyed looker like me?! Plus, I offer personal styling, which is just all the rage right now. Move over Rachel Zoe, here comes Ninja!