You can’t adopt an animal at this time, or volunteer your time, but still want to give back? There are many common medical treatments, specialized equipment and care that the animals need that remain a challenge for us financially. Your sponsorship will help toward the costs managing common issues such as: dental care, x-rays, entropy correction surgery, spay or neuter surgery, treatment for Mange and other skin conditions, and prescription diets. You can also sponsor special equipment to help in training our animals, or sponsor a training session with a professional animal trainer. If you are ready to sponsor today, make a monetary donation, and indicate in your submission which program you would like to sponsor.

Sponsor a Dog

Sponsor a sanctuary dog

Due to advancement in age, special medical requirements or behavior issues, many of our dogs will remain in sanctuary. Through your sponsorship, you can to get know a particular dog, follow his/her progress at the rescue, and choose to sponsor his/her medical or behavior rehabilitation.

We provide sanctuary for dogs like Mozart who came to us as a mature dog whose medical disposition required the use of a wheel chair, special diet, and regular medication.  Mozart recently passed on, but our sponsorship program for dogs like him, continues.  If you elect to sponsor one of our special needs dogs, contact us directly. Or, simply note the name of the dog you wish to sponsor when you make your monetary donation. We will follow up with you with more information on Mozart, or the dog you choose to sponsor, and send you updates on their activities and progress.

Sponsor a Dog