At this time, EZ Heart & Soul Rescue is a resource for dogs only. We exclusively rescue dogs from animal shelters that are overcrowded and/or lack resources. We do not accept private relinquishments. We define at-risk as any dog that is in danger of being euthanized. We provide rescue to young, old, healthy, sick, and those dogs with behavior issues that can be rehabilitated or managed. With a goal to re-home each dog, we are committed to providing them with necessary behavior or medical rehabilitation that will make them eligible for adoption.



We believe that saving a dog’s life cannot be purely defined by only removing the threat of their demise. The salvation, is in providing them with the necessary tools to be their very own “best” selves. In response to this, we offer behavior modification by way of first fitting each animal to appropriate living quarters and handling equipment. We provide diet and exercise plans, socialization, and one-on-one behavior training that are custom fit to the needs of each dog and are managed and evaluated by animal health and behavior professionals. Every dog at our rescue is medically evaluated, and we provide treatment even for those dogs whose medical needs are complex.



With the belief that every dog deserves a second chance, we provide forever sanctuary for those dogs that due to advanced age, complex or terminal illness, or undesirable behaviors that are difficult to manage, makes them better suited to live out the rest of their days in our sanctuary. We are committed to offering each of these dogs’ comfortable accommodations and loving and personalized handling.