Hi, my name is BUMBLE BEE!

I’m a 2 yr. old female, Pitbull Terrier. At first some may perceive my aimless boisterous nature as short in attention span as slow to learn. Also, I can be shy, and get apprehensive. With patience, and trust that is earned on my terms, soon enough, my doting charm, and humble nature will be sure to win you over. If you invest the time, I’m eager to work on and show you my basic commands; I can’t get enough of the challenge, especially on proper loose leash walks! And, since my friends at the rescue recently discovered I was nothing short of an in the closet nerd, they see potential in me earning a Good Canine Citizen Certification; which for us mutts pretty much mean the accolades of PhD or Mensa. Nowadays, I still have my homework to do, so there aren’t kids in my future. Give me an active home and you’ll have yourself a forever loyal friend!





Hi, my name is BATMAN!

Batman is my name, and walking is my game! Sure you know the basics: I'm 1.5 yr old male pit mix. What you don't know is they named me Batman because my behavior skills are nothing short of some kind of magic for a pup my age and with little formal training. I'd like to think it's because I am a sweet heart, a patient listener, I love learning new things, and I seek out direction. Needless to say, I'm a great companion for most occasions (ok, maybe not around the felines) my leash skills make me a breeze to walk, and I sit and shake effortlessly! Not to mention, I am ok, around some dogs. Either way, this super hero has a ton of potential, and with an experienced owner, and plenty of structure, I'd make an excellent, and responsible, new family member!