Hippocrates wrote long ago..."While the body may be different, the soul remains the same in every creature.”

Providing rescue and sanctuary to at-risk, elderly, and even the sickest animals, gives each creature a second chance at life and grants us a second chance at being human. It is through this chance that we believe the rescue and adoption of animals ultimately rescues the human spirit, enabling animals and humans to thrive together. We invite you to join us in this pursuit.



EZ Heart and Soul Rescue is a 501(c) 3 non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary for at-risk dogs, young to mature, with special needs or undesirable behaviors that make their re-homing options a challenge. We seek to rescue these dogs from our local Los Angeles area animal shelters, whose limited resources and budget restraints makes their ability to care for every impounded animal impossible. We also aim to educate our community on responsible pet care, effective training techniques, and the importance of sterilization of pets. Ultimately, we endeavor to rescue dogs that are in danger of losing their lives but who, with the appropriate opportunity, would otherwise thrive in a new home and safe environment. Therefore, we are committed to the rehabilitation of each animal through medical treatment and behavior training while under our care, and to find suitable homes for them. We also provide forever sanctuary for dogs with behavioral dispositions that require structured management, and for dogs with terminal or other demanding medical needs.


ESTELA ZUNIGA: Founder of EZ Heart & Soul Rescue

In my life, dogs have awarded me unconditional friendship, love that is unwavering, and a loyalty that is undeniable. Through these relationships, they continue to teach me every day how to be more patient with each moment, however fleeting, and to enjoy even the simplest things. It is because of this, that my life will forever be wealthy, and worthwhile.

Over the years I have spent countless hours, days, and even more months rescuing dogs. Despite my efforts, I never truly felt I could repay the great effect that dogs had in my life. However, I did believe that volunteering at a shelter made a positive impact on the lives of each animal. And it was through my experience  working with the Santa Monica Animal Shelter's (then Volunteer Coordinator, who has since been promoted to Animal Control Officer) Officer Martin Hernandez, that motivated me to do more.  His unyielding commitment to animal care, rehabilitation, and adoption, his innate connection with the animals, coupled with his wonderful rapport with people, inspired me to embark on my endeavor to create my own rescue.  In this way, I can directly make an impact on saving the lives of dogs and other animals that may otherwise be euthanized at shelters, due to limited resources.  Thus, my experience at that shelter continues to leave a deep impression on my soul.  

Consequently, I believe that each stray, relinquished, or abused animal, is a victim who is entitled to humane treatment. Through my animal rescue, I seek to give each animal a second chance of unconditional love, proper training and rehabilitation, to enrich their lives in a new home, or live out their final days at our sanctuary.

Through it all, what I do know and believe in all certainty, is that adoption is truly a wonderful deed that requires a full time and long-term commitment. Nevertheless, this commitment is an opportunity to meet your most devoted companion. If you are ready to make this pledge and reap its many rewards,
consider meeting one of our adoptables. Please contact us for more information.

For the animals,
Estela Zuniga